Credit: HBO

Dare I say it – or more detrimental, publish it on the internet – but I have never watched Game of Thrones. Perhaps early on I watched a handful of episodes, but I’ll admit that I’ve never followed the HBO-produced show religiously. My job description does however require me to have a grasp on what’s happening in popular culture, so from a distance I was aware of the television event that has been unfolding each Monday night. But it wasn’t until I was scrolling through social media this morning, that I realised people had begun absolutely losing it.

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones has been one of the most hyped television shows of our time – the stats from the show are enough to prove that. The third episode that aired last night was estimated to cost roughly $20 million AUD, a run time of 82 minutes and was filmed with 750 people on set. So yes, its a huge deal but from someone who knows little about the series, I couldn’t help but feel a touch of FOMO.

wait, so what happened? 

Ok, so I’m assuming it was the long-awaited #BattleofWinterfell? Is that right?

Considering everyone’s reactions, a lot of people died

Still images from the episode are flooding the internet and it looks pretty gory to me. But Twitter tells me that not even die hard fans know exactly who perished. SPOILER ALERT: But looking at reports, the Night King was killed. Who is that exactly? And is that good? Should I be happy?

the #battleofwinterfell IS NO PLACE FOR A CHILD

ANOTHER SPOILER: Lyanna Mormont, a character on the show is being hailed as a hero and I quote “bad b**ch” for her role in episode three. She was supposedly killed but all I can think, is why? Why is a 12 year old wielding knives and riding horseback in a battle? I could barely pour my own cereal at that age.

who is that guy that sits in the corner the entire time?

Is that Bran? What does Bran actually do? He seems pretty chill, if I were there I’d hang with him. He hasn’t died yet.

are any of these assumptions correct? 

Maybe I should just watch it.