Hemmelig Rom is Norwegian for “secret room”. And it is precisely a small secret room that has inspired the home that Studio Padron designed in a forest in the northern part of the State of New York. 

Entirely made of oak wood from fallen and recycled trees, Hemmelig Rom has been designed as the perfect refuge for those who love to live in close contact with nature, in absolute silence, in the company of a good book (and glass of wine). More than a book, in all reality, since the Hemmelig Rom house in the forest contains more than 2500 of them!

A small, essential space, yet equipped with every comfort that is imposed in the natural environment, perfectly integrated. In spite of its minimal geometric exterior, dominated by dark tones and in clear contrast with the surrounding environment, the interior of the cottage is intimate, warm and hospitable. In fact, the interior, like the outside, is in fact made from oak wood and the furniture, although minimal, is extremely welcoming. The panoramic window dominates the space and connects the interior and exterior of the house offering a spectacular view of the surrounding environment.