Smart box – Credits: @inbox hotel

Forget the usual hostel with the narrow and spartan spaces and the absolute lack of privacy. The InBox Capsule Hotel in St. Petersburg combines the agility of the hostel with the comforts of a hotel. Designed by the Russian architecture firm DA Architects, the InBox Capsule Hotel is characterised by attention to detail, with three types of room for all tastes and needs.

The smart-box are the the InBox Hotel’s premium offering, in terms of privacy, despite the large shared space with other typical visitors hostels. Conceived as capsules of 2.20 meters deep for 1.25 meters tall, the smart boxes offer a small but not cramped space that allows you to sleep comfortably but also to sit inside to read or work. The bonus is the capsule is completely insulated from the outside thanks to a blackout blind while the luggage can be stored in convenient containers placed under the bed.

The mono-boxes are rooms that offer the services of a hostel but the comfort of a hotel room. Structured as single rooms on two levels, the mono-boxes have no windows, but are equipped with private bathroom (no shower), LED TV and air conditioning.

For those who do not want to renounce the absolute privacy and the typical services of a hotel, the ideal solution is, finally, the Double Box, a double room on two levels with a window with private bathroom, plasma TV and air conditioning.

Also available to all guests is a kitchen equipped with a fridge, microwave and toaster, a small library, coffee, free tea and free wi-fi. Located in the heart of St. Petersburg, within walking distance of major tourist attractions, the InBox Capsule Hotel is the ideal solution for those who want to travel while keeping costs down without giving up the comfort of a hotel.