Originally born from an April Fool’s prank by Nestle Japan in 2016, sushi Kit Kats were actually produced as a limited run last year, when these quirky chocolates were gifted to 500 customers to celebrate the Ginza boutique opening in Tokyo. This year, there will be another limited run of sushi Kit Kats to celebrate the Kit Kat Chocolatory at the Itami Osaka Airport.

If sushi Kit Kats weren’t enough, then get ready for the flavours. Tuna (raspberry), sea urchin (Hokkaido Melon with marscapone cheese) and egg (banana). All are positioned on top of a rice-puff base, coated with white couverture chocolate, mixed with some wasabi powder.

How do you get one of these? Spend over 3,000 yen (approx $35 AUD) and you can buy one of only 570 sushi kit kats.

Get in queue.

Kit Kat Chocolatory Itami Osaka International Airport / キットカットショコラトリー 伊丹空港店
Address: Osaka-fu, Toyonaka-shi, Hotarugaike 3-555 Itami Airport Central Block 2F
大阪府 豊中市 蛍池3-555 伊丹空港中央ブロック2F
Hours: 6:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. (last order at the cafe: 8:00 p.m.)