Credit: Warner Bros.

Ever since the DC film Aquaman was premiered at the Comic Con festival earlier this year, the hype has been building surrounding the long-awaited origin film. If you hadn’t heard of the Baywatch star Jason Momoa, then we can guarantee you have now, and after reinventing the image of the skinny, blonde-haired cartoon seen in the original 1967 comic – we all have one question on our minds. How is he THAT ripped?

Mesmerising both men and women alike, the task to play an Atlantean superhero is not an easy one, but with a diet and training routine, the 6-foot-4 actor was transformed into a supernatural being. So how did he do it?

“No foods were off limit, nor do they need to be,” ‘Aquaman’ trainer Stuart Walton told LIVESTRONG. That included Momoa’s beverage of choice: a hearty pint of Guinness. As luck would have it, the dark Irish stout, known for its creamy mouthfeel (as the beer connoisseurs say), is actually relatively low in calories…”

According to the report, his diet was revolved around manipulating his macronutrient intake and combined with functional training and whole body workouts, it was the perfect formula for his rock-hard abs.

Now however, as the film is released in the UK, shortly followed by Australian cinemas on December 26, we now know it wasn’t that easy for the 39-year-old.

“[It] was very challenging because I can put on weight easily but I can’t stay trim,” Momoa told ICON. “All the other guys got to eat whatever they wanted to and lift, but I had to barely eat and lift. I can get big, but I can’t get shredded.”

With the film set to drop in Australian cinemas on Boxing Day, check out our full interview with the star below