When viewing the latest origin film from DC, the built figure and brooding stare which makes up much of Jason Momoa’s “Aquaman” presona, appears to come quite naturally to the 39-year-old actor. Apparently, this is not the case. Speaking to the man from a hotel room in Sydney, we found out what the Justice League member “hated the most” when filming Aquaman – and its not what you’d expect.

Specifically speaking, Momoa’s over-the-shoulder stare is introduced to the audience following his encounter of Arthur (Momoa) as he hijacks an already hijacked submarine. What we can describe as a bone-chilling moment, the actor looks back to the camera, followed by a simple “permission to come on board”.

We called out this stare with the actor and to say the least, he was not impressed. You can watch it below.

“I hated [that scene] the most! I did not want to do that at all!,” Momoa told ICON. “[Director] James [Wan] was a big fan of me turning over my shoulder so that is a James Wan question. I was very uncomfortable doing that. It’s insecurity. It’s just the look thing, I’m not a fan of it.”

Despite his reluctance to the move, it is certainly set to win over fans. To view it for yourself, the film will drop into cinemas from Boxing Day.