NANTUCKET- JUNE 19: Actor and director Ben Stiller and his father, comedian and actor Jerry Stiller, attend party hosted by NBC at Sconset Playhouse during the Nantucket Film Festival on June 19, 1998 on Nantucket in Massachusetts. (Photo: Lindsay Brice/Getty Images)

The comedy and Hollywood community has suffered a great loss overnight. Due to natural causes, comedic icon and everyone’s favourite funny man, Jerry Stiller died aged 92. Today, social media is alight with tributes from celebrities, colleagues and fans as we remember several decades of hilarious moments, some of the best known from the likes of Seinfeld and The King of Queens. 

Often acting alongside actor and son, Ben Stiller, the late star has been featured in an innumerable amount of television shows and films, proof of his overwhelming popularity. For Stiller, Hollywood was an escape and now more than ever we appreciate his own contribution to that magical industry. To pay tribute to Jerry Stiller we have rounded up his 10 funniest on-screen moments.

And in no particular order…

Seinfeld, The Strike
Festivus Dinner Table Scene
Season 9, Episode 10

Casserole Scene

Seinfeld, The Rye
Season 7, Episode 11

Seinfeld, The Serenity Now
Season 9, Episode 3

Heartbreak Kid
Father Son Bonding

Seinfeld, The Fatigues
Korean War Stories
Season 8, Episode 6

King of Queens, Hungry Man
Arthur and the Telephone
Season 1, Episode 21

King of Queens, Bed Spread
Arthur & Doug fight
Season 5, Episode 25

Seinfeld, The Little Kicks
You want a piece of me
Season 8, Episode 4

The Ed Sullivan Show
Stiller & Meara 1964