When ‘Joker’ hit cinemas in 2019, it caused quite the stir for the startling brutality of Joker’s official origin story – a story, mind you, we had not ever seen. It earned Joaquin Phoenix an Oscar for his portrayal as Arthur Fleck (aka the clown prince), a down and out performative clown and aspiring stand-up comedian whose descent into insanity inspires a violent spiral out of control.

Besides the shock it left viewers in, it also set up the possibility of there being a sequel.

Well, director Todd Phillips has now confirmed that the sequel to Joker is well and truly a reality, taking to Instagram to post a photo of the finished script for the film set to be titled ‘Folie á Deux‘ (which translates to “madness for two”). Swipe right on the carousel Instagram post and you’ll find Phoenix himself flipping through the pages of the finalised script.

While details around the Joker sequel are super tight-lipped – Phillips didn’t actually give away any of the details other than the reveal of its full title – we suspect more will be announced in the coming months. As it stands, there is no word yet on when the film will begin production or when it might be released. One of the biggest questions that we assume won’t be revealed until the sequel hits cinemas is whether Batman will make an appearance or not and if so, will it be Robert Pattinson’s Batman?

Joker received a stellar 11 Oscar nominations and took home two – Phoenix for best actor and composer Hildur Guðnadóttir for best original score – thanks to the brilliant story co-written and directed by Todd Phillips, who explored the Joker’s origin story through the lens of the Joker himself, schizophrenic Arthur Fleck. The result is a dark, twisted, Scorsese-esque journey set in a decaying and gruesome Gotham that pays clear homage to cult classics like Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy.  

Watch this space to find out more about the highly-anticipated Joker sequel.