After almost a year without Kanye West on the screens of Twitter, the artist has returned, and after a week-long twitter rant, Kanye is more popular than ever. The CEO of the platform Jack Dorsey even took the time to welcome back Yeezy.

Since last Friday, West has been tweeting at rate of 10 posts a day, dishing out a slew of philosophical advice, hints about his new clothing, info about his new album and even announcing the writing of a new book.

According to data provided by PR Agency, the Romans, Kanye’s return has blown up the internet. Yeezy has gained over half a million followers since last week¬†while more than 4.2 million tweets have been directed at him, just over 280,000 in the first hour. The hype was initially generated when he announce his new album, just a few days ago.

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