Credit: Fotodom/Rex Features

After unveiling his first project aimed at low-income housing, Kanye West is reportedly looking to expand his business portfolio with opening of a new restaurant.  According to reports, the now business man is looking at locations in Kim Kardashian-West’s home town of Calabasas, and a close source to West has confirmed the news.

“Kanye’s shopping for the ideal premises to create a flagship restaurant in Calabasas,” a source told Radar. While the menu seemingly will not offer patrons the chance to demand their own croissants, it will be more “comfort food-oriented.” “He has this vision of creating high-end comfort food just like his mom used to make,” the source added, “but with a price tag that’s as eye-watering as it is mouth-watering, of course.”

Some people have speculated that the seemingly high-end restaurant will serve some of his wife’s home cooking recipes including, her own fried chicken, cornbread, mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, and collard greens. Another item that will be expected on the menu is ice cream – a favourite of Yeezy.

None of the Kardashian/West clan have backed up the claims, but we cross our fingers and toes that this happens! Stay tuned for any updates over the coming months.