I don’t know what to believe anymore. It is no secret that Kanye West has seen a genius streak of business ideas in years gone by and while the man receives his fair share of flack, you can’t deny his talent for causing hype. There is the hyped Sunday Service and potential biodegradable sneakers on the way, but it seems fans are getting impatient with his new album YANDHI. 

The rumoured album has been circling since late last year and with reported “delays” there may finally be respite thanks to wife Kim Kardashian. Taking to her 61 million Twitter followers, the reality star posted an image of a notepad sitting next to a bible. On it was a series of apparent track names including “God Is” and “Sweet Jesus” as well as the date “September 27”.

Could this be our obvious clue or confirmation?

Naturally the Twitter sphere has blown up with theories and speculations. One user questioned why there was no year on the end of the date,  “Well, this time theres no year for this date…”, with another very skeptical, “hes done this like 10 times he announces an album delays it scraps the entire album and releases it with maybe two or three songs he did it with ye remember swish and so help me god before tlop now hes doing it again,” the user published.

Nevertheless, hype is building and whether it is YANDHI or perhaps a Sunday Service album, it’s new music and we’re down for that. Mark your calendars for September 27 and wait. Stay tuned for further developments.