Credit: Apple

It is hard to tell what leaked information we should trust nowadays, particularly when it comes to Apple rumours but in a new video, we do hope the forthcoming technology is legitimate. Augmented Reality glasses have long been talked about when speaking about the latest developments at Apple but in new information provided by Front Page Tech host and leaker Jon Prosser, new details suggest AR glasses are closer than we might think.

In a new video posted by the expert, Apple’s AR glasses will be called “Apple Glass” and are set to be priced at about $499 USD –  that amount will increase slightly for Australian buyers. There will be an ability to add prescription lenses at an additional cost, with the glasses able to pair to your iPhone. It is expected that the technology will display a list of features to the wearer and will interact with a series of gestures.

Perhaps due to COVID-19, the announcement which was potentially slated for the September conference will most likely be pushed back to at least March 2021, with the leak suggesting we may even have to wait until early 2022 for a release. In addition, Apple is reportedly working on an AR/VR headset which is expected to rival that of Facebook’s Oculus Quest and will drop prior to the ‘Apple Glass’ model.

Prosser also indicated in his latest video that the September event may be pushed back to October, though that is only speculated at the moment. After a closer look at the AR glasses, we hope for a slightly more streamline and subtle design. Check them out below.

In other Apple news, the forthcoming iPhone could be reminiscent to the iPad.