Lil Nas X has just arrived at the Met Gala, clearly recovered from last night’s mega win at the MTV Video Music Awards where he nabbed the coveted Video The Year. Credit where it’s due, the young man likes to have fun and after the year he’s had, who can blame him.

The 22-year-old singer arrived at the steps of the Met in signature dramatic fashion – sporting a trailing gold embroidered cape that was quickly thrown off to reveal a CP3O-esque gold body armour beneath. Billy Porter, someone is coming for your stunt queen crown…

Versace, Met Gala, Lil Nas X
Grandma’s curtains look great. Image: Getty

Like his lilac ensemble the night before, the Montero (Call Me By Your Name) singer chose custom Versace for the event. An interesting choice considering the night’s theme of American Independence. But to be fair, Lil Nas X has had a history of Versace as his brand of choice for red carpet events.

Yet on a night known for its big swings and often misses, this is still pretty good. Especially for the men’s category where it can get particularly blah. Anyone remember the Camp theme? They all shoulda just stayed home that night.

Lil Nas X, Met Gala, Versace
CP3O that you? Lil Nas X in Versace armour at the Met Gala. Image: Getty

Turning up to an Americana-themed event as a knight in gold shining armour – even if it is Versace – is a bold move. Maybe especially because it’s Versace. A night paying homage to American designers is an odd place to highlight Italian rivals.

Timothée Chalamet went all in, right down to the choice of Converse for footwear. Correct me if I’m wrong but this might be the first time someone’s worn a pair of All Stars to a Met Gala. Good for him.

Eschewing the finer details or rules isn’t a surprise though, Lil Nas X has definitely cemented his reputation as someone who’s more than happy to do his own thing when it comes to fashion and style. His refusal to diminish any part of his queerness and wearing whatever the hell he likes, whether it’s cowboy boots and denim or a ball gown and wig, is why we love him. Basically, what I’m saying is if anyone can get away with not doing the assignment it’s him. He can pass.

Lil Nas X, Versace, Met Gala
When he give you that look like “Got any Gatorade?”. Image: Getty.