There is quite literally something for everyone when it comes to the annual Super Bowl. Each year, the highly anticipated championship game draws in over 100 millions viewers across the US, and considering that is roughly a third of the population, it is a primetime opportunity for mass-advertising. With iconic commercials and half-time entertainment making up much of the day, even football critics can join the festivities.

This year, amongst Pepsi plugs and celebrity cameos, Marvel Studios nabbed a TV spot to tease fresh looks at its upcoming films.

Set to hit cinemas from March 8, the countdown is on for Brie Larson’s epic performance in Captain Marvel – the latest origin film from the media franchise. Making this the fourth teaser for the film, fans received a further insight into the film and if it is anything to go by, the film will be filled with plenty of awesome fight scenes.

Giving Marvel fanatics more reason for celebration, Marvel also took the opportunity to send out a second look at the impending drop of Avengers: End GameTeasing viewers with a brief 30-second trailer, the hype is well and truly building leading up to the cinema release from April 26.

As expected, dedicated followers of the films went nuts over social media, with tweets of excitement flooding the internet. One user said, “I SAW IT ON TV AND CRIED OMG”, while another tweeted, “IT WAS THE BEST 30 SECONDS OF MY LIFE”.

The wait is almost over. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

Cover Image: Marvel / Avengers: Endgame