Credit: Marvel Studios

Amidst the rumours, teases and leaks we thought this would day would never come. Released just days ago, Marvel Studios has finally revealed the first trailer to “Avengers 4” – aptly coined “Avengers Endgame”.

Dramatic and living up to its fans expectations, the trailer begins with the camera focussed on Tony Stark, defeated as he tries to send a message to Pepper. With his voiceover continuing throughout the trailer, we see Captain America, Thor and the Black Widow make an appearance as the remainder of the Avengers gang seek out a comeback – a direct continuation of Avengers Infinity War.

With expectations at, “the highest of any of the films to date, without question,” says Co-Director Anthony Russo, the latest instalment will see the end of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Chris Evan’s Captain America as the actors contracts close shortly after. It is a question however as to what the overall fate of the characters will be.

The film is set to drop in cinemas worldwide from May 3, 2019. Tune into the trailer below.