Netflix Australia November 2020
The Crown Season 4 / Credit: Netflix

If you cast your eyes to the four-week forecast, it seems the likes of Sydney and many other coastal areas Down Under are going to experience much more rain to come. It’s a cruel backflip on the summer-like weather we’ve had in recent weeks, but it provides the perfect excuse to stay in and binge-watch your favourite films and television.


Key releases include a major TV throwback to Dawson’s Creek on the 1st of November, the highly-anticipated fourth season of The Crown on the 15th, We Are The Champions series and new Netflix original Paranormal for all the Halloween fanatics out there.

For everything coming to Netflix Australia in November 2020, scroll below.

Original Series
Can You Hear Me? (M’entends-tu?): Season 2 (1/11/2020)
Love and Anarchy (4/11/2020)
Paranormal (5/11/2020)
Country Ever After (6/11/2020)
Undercover (BE): Season 2 (9/11/2020)
DASH & LILY (10/11/2020)
A Queen Is Born (Nasce uma Rainha) (11/11/2020)
The Minions of Midas (13/11/2020)
The Crown: Season 4 (15/11/2020)
We Are The Champions (17/11/2020)
Bitter Daisies (El sabor de las margaritas): Season 2 (18/11/2020)
Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas (18/11/2020)
Voices of Fire (20/11/2020)
Over Christmas (Überweihnachten) (27/11/2020)
Virgin River: Season 2 (27/11/2020)
Sugar Rush Christmas: Season 2 (27/11/2020)
The Uncanny Counter (29/11/2020)

Netflix Film
Mother (3/11/2020)
Operation Christmas Drop (5/11/2020)
The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run (5/11/2020)
Citation (6/11/2020)
What We Wanted (11/11/2020)
The Life Ahead (13/11/2020)
Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (13/112020)
The Princess Switch: Switched Again (19/11/2020)
Alien Xmas (20/11/2020)
If Anything Happens I Love You (20/11/2020)
Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square (22/11/2020)
Hillbilly Elegy (24/11/2020)
Notes for My Son (El Cuaderno de Tomy) (24/11/2020)
The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two (25/11/2020)
Mosul (26/11/2020)
The Call (27/11/2020)
Don’t Listen (27/11/2020)
The Beast (La Belva) (27/11/2020)
Finding Agnes (30/11/2020)

Original Comedy
Felix Lobrecht: Hype (3/11/2020)
Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun (11/11/2020)

Original Documentary
Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta? (5/11/2020)
Flavorful Origins: Gansu Cuisine (20/11/2020)
Shawn Mendes: In Wonder (23/11/2020)
Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker (27/11/2020)

Netflix Kids & Family
Trash Truck (10/11/2020)
The Boss Baby: Back in Business: Season 4 (17/11/2020)
Wonderoos (24/11/2020)
Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday (24/11/2020)
A Go! Go! Cory Carson Christmas (27/11/2020)
Wonderoos: Holiday Holiday! (29/11/2020)

Netflix Original Anime
Great Pretender: Season 2 (25/11/2020)

Dawson’s Creek (1/11/2020)
Dragon Ball Super: Broly (1/11/2020)
Wrong Kind of Black: Season 1 (6/11/2020)
Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (6/11/2020)
Toomelah (7/11/2020)
Satellite Boy (7/11/2020)
Sweet Country (7/11/2020)
Goldstone (8/11/2020)
The Gulf: Season 1 (18/11/2020)
Shameless (U.S.): Season 10 (21/11/2020)
The InBESTigators: Season 2 (21/11/2020)
How I Met Your Mother: Season 1 – 10 (25/11/2020)
Drive Hard (30/11/2020)