Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

Back in April, it was announced that Bohemian Rhapsody star Rami Malek would continue his outstanding Hollywood streak with a prolific role – that role being the next villain in the next instalment of the James Bond franchise. Dubbed ‘No Time To Die’, details have been kept at a minimum surrounding the new, mysterious character. Rumours are stirring with the The Express naming Malek’s character ‘Safin’, and now in a new interview with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, his demeanour has been uncovered.

“We’ve thrown the book at him on this one,” Broccoli told Empire. “He is really the supervillain. He’s the one that really gets under Bond’s skin. He’s a nasty piece of work.” Additionally in July, Malek said he doesn’t identify his character with “any act of terrorism reflecting an ideology or a religion,” and that the villain he plays is a “very different kind of terrorist.”

I know, it’s not a lot to go on but if anything, it suggests the beginning of a new stream of information on the James Bond nemesis.

So far, rumours suggest that the titled “super-villain” will kill the current James Bond and make way for a predecessor. Another, believes that Malek will be an “eco-friendly” villain (whatever that exactly means?) and owns an algae farm – we will leave you to believe what you’d like.

Production wrapped up this week for the new film. No Time To Die is expected to drop into Australia cinemas from April 8, 2020. Stay tuned for updates.