The new Jaguar E-PACE has a dual nature. This little Jaguar knows how to stand out for its sportiness, but it is nonetheless a compact SUV that feels comfortable in everyday use. A vehicle with a sporty DNA, it is equipped with the most advanced technologies and characterised by signature Jaguar design.

The double nature
The E-PACE is inspired by the sporty F-Type, as can be seen in the typical Jaguar grille, distinctive proportions, reduced overhangs and powerful sides. The E-PACE has heart but it is also smart. It’s one of the most connected and intelligent cars in its class. The new generation infotainment system allows users to connect to their favorite apps, such as Spotify. On board, you’re always “on” when you travel. The E-PACE is equipped with four 12-volt sockets and five USB ports, plus a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot that allows you to connect up to eight devices simultaneously.

Compact size, but lots of space
Space is not lacking. The E-PACE boasts incredibly spacious interiors for its category. The compact SUV is 4.355mm long, with reduced front and rear overhangs of 882mm and 832mm respectively. The trunk has no reason to envy larger models. With its 577-litre capacity, it meets the needs of the whole family whether for a trip out of town or a ride around the city.

The engines
The engines are all four cylinders with three power levels for diesel (150, 180 and 240 hp) and two for petrol (249 and 300 hp), a nine-speed automatic transmission, and electronically controlled all-wheel drive. There is also an entry-level version with only front-wheel drive, which costs around $57,795. The most complete and luxurious set-up is the 2.0 I4 AWD Auto R-Dynamic HSE petrol version, at around $105,958.


The interior
The interior is first class. You need only sit inside to convince yourself that the E-PACE is a high performance compact SUV that is always able to guarantee that all occupants have the space they need. Passengers are surrounded by quality materials, from the door lining, to the satin-finished chrome of the handles, to the leather dashboard. The luxury is both seen and felt.