Each room is a story of sensations that comes to life. The materials, colours, texture of the surfaces are all critical to create a beautiful and comfortable environment. Nexion tiles leaves nothing to chance with their new collection of ceramics.

Nexion tiles is a company that specialises in the production of high-quality porcelain stoneware surfaces in large format. When researching polished surfaces, Nexion tiles focuses on the perfection of the surface and the sensation that light gives off when reflected. The aim is to demonstrate a faithful representation of light amongst the surrounding objects to give comfort and visual well-being to the space.


Because of their characteristics, the ceramic marble surfaces created by Nexion tiles are not, therefore, “only” ceramics: they are new materials that recreate the graphic signature of the marble and natural stone from which they draw inspiration, but exceed them in their ability to reflect the light and shapes, a characteristic that makes them more like a mirror. Like the mirrored glass, these surfaces also inherit the compactness, making them more resistant to trampling and stains than marble and stone by their nature porous materials and easy wear. This is thanks to the use of special surface grits and technological processes for their application and smoothing, which allows the Nexion tiles ceramic able to reflect light more than natural marble, without that “orange peel” appearance effect.

The high quality of the surface of the Nexion tiles ceramic marble allows them to reflect the shapes (furnishings, door and window openings…) in a more distinct and defined manner. Like mirrors, the darker the colour of the surface, the more it will have the ability to reflect objects, furnishings and shapes, amplifying the depth of reflection. On the other hand, the more clear the surface, the more light and objects will be transmitted with softness, while maintaining high definition.

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