Welcome to a walk-in-wardrobe as you have always dreamed it: elegant, minimal and sophisticated at the same time remaining functional, spacious and comfortable. Rimadesio gives substance to the desires of those looking for practicality and beauty with Dress bold, the system designed by Italian designer Giuseppe Bavuso to create walk-in closets that can be customised to the highest degree.

Whether your space is linear, corner or C, Dress bold furnishes it perfectly with the choice between different aesthetic configurations: with exposed uprights or wall panels, available in glossy or matt lacquered glass, fabric, wood or mirror.

Choosing your outfit has never been so simple: in Dress bold everything is in place and ready to be worn. The accessories, freely positioned along the wall upright, thanks to the patented fixing system without holes, include extractable trays perfect to keep ties, scarves, gloves and socks in order; the drawers for the most precious golf kits can be kept with care; the trouser racks and the hangers hold each piece and the hangers can be inclined, to store the garments without difficulty.

Dress bold is a constantly evolving system, boasting an inclined shoe shelf with a quick and invisible coupling without screws or visible joints for an absolute aesthetic cleanliness that gives a further touch of class to the walk-in closet.

In order to create the ideal walk-in closet, Giuseppe Bavuso studied in detail an critical element: light. The use of LED sources allows you to customise the light intensity by positioning the light points under the basement on the ground, under the shelf and shelves, or in the upper part of the backrest. This skilful lighting allows emphasis on the shapes and enhances the appeal of the new fabrics that cover the wall panels.

To find out more about the Dress bold system, click HERE.