Credit: Instagram @offesetyrn

It has been 31 days-and-counting since President Donald Trump ordered a government shutdown. That has been 31 days of closed museums, courts and even garbage disposal, and rather than sitting back and taking it, celebrities with huge platforms have started speaking out. Last week, Cardi B took to her 40 million Instagram followers to rant on the matter, gaining attention from Government officials, and now Offset has added his two cents.

Speaking to Esquire during an interview, the 27-year-old rapper opened up about the longest government shutdown in American history.

“We’re going through a fucked up time,” he told the publication. “Both sides. Black and the white. You know why? The government shutdown. Black people aren’t working, white folks aren’t working. It’s everybody.”

While the artist is not one to express his political views easily, he made the excellent point of its effect not only on the country, but its repercussion on the world.

“This ain’t supposed to be going down. Not in America. We got our chest out, we got the money, we got the cars, we got the celebrities, we got the stars, everybody wants to be like us. All these other countries when I go there, they’re inspired by us,” he says. “Seeing people talk about how they can’t pay their bills but they have to work. That’s some slave shit….”

With Democrats still refusing to support the border wall – set to cost upwards of $5.7 billion USD – it is only a matter of time to see if the increasing pressure from the public – including Trump supporters – will make him cave. Because if anything, Trump’s efforts to divide a country, has united the world.