Imagine this: Michael B Jordan, Olivia Palermo and some of the world’s most ‘beautiful’ movers and shakers from across the globe joining together for dinner. That is the reality of the Piaget Society, and with a combination of wealth, elegance and luxury timepieces, it is the very idea of such exclusivity that makes the namesake watchmaker so desirable. A collection of ambassadors and 50 years of experience in the luxury market, the vision of founder Georges-Édouard Piaget has come to fruition in his own words – “Always do better than necessary.”

Along with Tom Holland, Oscar Isaac and Ryan Reynolds, Hollywood has come alive with Piaget this award season, and if you want to join the style exclusivity that comes with each timepiece, this is one of few brands that you can solely build a watch collection around.

There comes a stage when valuing time – both literally and figuratively –  is necessary, and with the ability to represent an individual’s character and style, careful research comes in handy for a collection that can survive several generations. For anyone that plays favourites, a one-brand watch collection will reap many benefits and as well as making servicing and repairs easy, you can seamlessly build on your personal style with a cohesive watch aesthetic.

To help you start a one-brand watch collection, here are some pointers to.

An Everyday Piece
It goes without saying that your first watch should have the ability to take you through each and everyday and something that will never date, is the classic steel watch. Known for its Swiss design and ultra-thin movements, Piaget’s first steel case and bracelet is taking horology back basics, without compromising on style. This piece hearkens back to the Patek Philippe Aquanaut or the Nautilus and boasts a sapphire case back and self-winding movement.

Piaget Polo S Watch / POA SHOP IN-STORE

The Smart/Casual Essential
The next timepiece that should be included in a one-brand watch collection needs to fill the dreaded “smart/casual” brief. There are some days when your everyday watch may not cut it, and to round out a smarter look, try a leather band for an upgrade in sophistication. Consider whether you’re a brown or black leather guy and match your hardware for seamless style.

The Piaget Emperador Cushion Watch sits at a comfortable 42mm, so you can wear it casually as well as on more formal occasions. Manufactured with a 850P automatic mechanical movement and 18K rose gold, it is a timepiece that has personality and character for extended wearability.

Piaget Emperador Cushion Watch in Rose Gold / POA SHOP IN-STORE

The Dress Watch
This is when the art of watch collection gets serious. Most often, dress watches take prize possession in any collection, boasting precious metals, unique design and most importantly, value. Whether it be a leather or metal band, invest in flair and unique design. If this is your first time building a collection however, try to opt for timeless style over current trends.

Looking to minimalist design with maximalist style, the Piaget Altiplano timepiece is a favourite amongst luxury enthusiasts. A quintessential round dress watch, the Altiplano is known not only for its precious metal-encrusted movement, but its record-breaking, ultrathin movement. With simple functionality, the Altipano movement shows-off its inner workings for something truly luxurious. The Altiplano hold many world records for being the thinnest timepieces, and on occasion the only way you could get a watch thinner than these is to draw one on your wrist, and change the time it displays every minute.

Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Automatic Watch / POA SHOP IN-STORE