Django Unchained, 2012

Making its way to the big screen in 2012, Django Unchained starring Jaimie Foxx burst onto the film scene thanks to its visionary Quentin Tarantino. Paying tribute to the 1966 Italian film Django, the stylised action iteration follows an all-star cast in a Wild West setting, two years before the civil war. Off the back of his wildly successful Once Upon A Time In Hollywood premiere in Cannes last month, the director is continuing his Hollywood streak with a ‘Django’ sequel.

According to a report from Collider, several sources have confirmed that a Django/Zorro sequel is in the early stages of planning. Tarantino has reportedly tapped American comedian and writer Jerrod Carmichael to co-write the film, drawn from the DC Comic of the same name.

Said to take place several years after the Django Unchained storyline, Django/Zoro follows title character Django who is still a bounty hunter as he sets his sight for the road again. After completing work out west, he comes across Diego de la Vega — the famed Zorro – and becomes fascinated with the mysterious and skilled character.

While details still remain sketchy, first word of the project surfaced in 2014 after emails discussing the new film between Tarantino and then-Sony Chairperson Amy Pascal were leaked.

At this point, it remains unclear if Tarantino will direct the film or more unlikely serve as an executive producer. Nevertheless, recent rumours do suggest a new film in the very near future though representatives of Tarantino have declined to comment.

Stay tuned for further developments.