Credit: Instagram @radiohead

Note to self: Don’t try to hold music for ransom; it will probably get released anyway.

Last week, a hacker gained access to the MiniDisc archive owned by Radiohead lead Thom Yorke. Stealing 18 hours of unreleased tracks and recordings during the band’s 1997 OK Computer sessions, the hacker demanded $150,000 as ransom. The news was broken by guitarist Johnny Greenwood via Twitter.

While to some it seems like a huge deal, Yorke responded saying, “It’s not v interesting…”. According to the band, though some of the tracks made it onto the cassette in the OK Computer reissue, it is very long and wasn’t created for phone download. Nevertheless, the possibility of an unauthorised release didn’t bother the English group so in true rock ‘n roll style, they’ve released it.

For the next 18 days, the 18-hour recording has been made available for purchase via the Radiohead Bandcamp. All proceeds from the digital content will go towards the Extinction Rebellion, “an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience to achieve radical change in order to minimise the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse.”

Containing quality recordings and a glimpse at behind-the-scenes of the famed musicians, it is a service to not only Extinction Rebellion, but fans across the globe. Thanks to the internet, a user on Reddit has posted the track list. Check it out below and get listening.

0:00 ‘poison’
1:39 i promise (portland)
5:33 attenzione! (portland)
10:36 electioneering
13:06 lift (toronto)
15:39 true love waits
22:13 ‘not for sale’
23:30 film
24:11 lift (san francisco)
28:14 electioneering (san francisco)
31:57 i promise (la)
36:20 “vacancies”
37:20 “$alty”
38:03 airbag (acoustic)
43:14 airbag (toronto)
48:18 i promise (minnea)
52:21 “lifesaver”
53:11 i promise (toronto)
57:14 electioneering (toronto)
1:00:48 paranoid android
1:05:28 airbag
1:07:33 electioneering