It’s a film that received a five minute standing ovation yesterday evening as a star-studded list of attendees made their way to Cannes Film Festival. Musical film biopic Rocketman has been enthusiastically talked amongst the press for months now – particularly after the award-winning success of Rami Malek’s role in Bohemian Rhapsody. What was said to be an emotional premiere for not only the cast but Elton John has already been critically acclaimed.

Dropping into Australian cinemas from May 30, it was British actor Taron Egerton who was tasked to play the iconic role of Elton John. An exploration through the early days and bedazzled world of the legendary musician, the partnership between John and Egerton is heartwarming to say the least.

During what was the biggest event on the Cannes Film Festival schedule, the pair graced guests with an on-stage performance of old-school hit ‘Rocketman’, serving as a stunning prelude before Egerton along with award-winning director Dexter Fletcher descends into Sydney on May 25 for a red carpet premiere. It was as if we were hearing double as the duo – John on piano and Egerton also on vocals – belted out the iconic harmony.

In the past, John has said that there was no one better to play his younger self than the 29-year-old, and according to reports Egerton does in fact sing each song on-film too.

Tune into the performance during Cannes below. You may need to grab some tissues.