Credit: Getty Images via Esquire

After a slew of rumours hitting the internet just a month ago, it is now confirmed that Roger Federer has signed a new sponsorship deal with Japanese retailer Uniqlo. Considered one of the greatest players of all time, the tennis legend has left a 24 year-old partnership with Nike for the new deal.

Reportedly worth $300 million, the contract will last for 10 years. Federer will represent the high-street retailer in all matches and tournaments for the next decade, starting with The Championships, Wimbledon 2018. While Uniqlo is not a sporting brand, the brand commits itself to creating LifeWear, ‘thoughtful everyday apparel with a practical sense of beauty, and constantly improved through craftsmanship and technology’.

Commenting on the announcement, Tadashi Yanai, UNIQLO Founder and Chairman, President & CEO of Fast Retailing, said, “Mr. Federer is one of the greatest champions in history; my respect for him goes beyond sport. Our partnership will be about innovation on and off court. We share a goal of making positive change in the world, and I hope together we can bring the highest quality of life to the greatest number of people. UNIQLO will help Mr. Federer continue taking tennis to new places, while exploring innovations in a number of areas including technology and design with him.”

Also commenting on the deal, Federer said, “I am deeply committed to tennis and to winning championships. But like UNIQLO, I also have great love for life, culture and humanity. We share a strong passion to have a positive impact on the world around us and look forward to combining our creative endeavours.”

The new contract also means that Federer will not be able to use his old ‘RF’ emblem or any branding that was designed by the Nike brand. In addition to Roger Federer, the UNIQLO Global Brand Ambassadors today are Kei Nishikori (Tennis), Shingo Kunieda and Gordon Reid MBE (Wheelchair Tennis) and Adam Scott (Golf).