Sometimes the best Christmas gift ideas are the most practical. One genre that has exploded in popularity this year has been fitness focused products.

The definition of health – both physical and mental – has been slowly evolving. Fitness is no longer just throwing the weights around at the gym. It’s also a mental game.

Meditation apps, tools that benefit recovery, dedicated time out and unplugging from work are now considered just as important as your more traditional forms of cardio or training. Sometimes even more so.

Taking into account that things like running, CrossFit, yoga or even a hike are activities that you can share with someone else, fitness inspired gifts are the sort of thing both you and your partner or bestie from the block can enjoy. And isn’t that the real spirit of Christmas? Sharing?

Under Armour.


Under Armour HOVR Phantom 2 Intelliknit

Limited edition? Collaboration? Tick and tick. Under Armour HOVR was already a peak performance running shoe before they added the Intelliknit detail. Now lighter, faster drying and even more comfortable, this limited edition collab with Footlocker comes just in time for Christmas. Available in either black or red, see an instant improvement in your PBs. Price: $220. From Footlocker.


Peloton Plus

Lockdown may have seen sales of Peloton bikes skyrocket but there’s no denying that at-home, connected fitness is the way of the future. Offering a comprehensive training schedule that goes beyond the bike itself into yoga, running, meditation and stretching, Peloton is your home gym and PT all in one. The company has also spared no expense when it comes to music. Want to spend 45 minutes doing a bootcamp to Beyoncé? They got you. Your life will never the same once you go Peloton. Price: From $3695. From Peloton.


Apple Watch Series 7

Apple’s move into the smart fitness realm has been nothing short of phenomenal. Their Series 7 has been designed to be more durable including swim-proof to take into the pool with you. It also features improved software to track your health progression. Available in three materials – titanium, stainless or aluminium for even more lightweight feel on the arm. You won’t even know it’s there until it reminds you to pick up the pace. Price: From $599. From Apple.


Gucci Jersey Shorts

Activewear but make it with a Gucci twist. Made with technical polyester jersey for comfort and relaxed fits, these vintage tracksuit-inspired basketball shorts hit the mark between style and freedom of movement. Perfect to wear on and off the court. Price: $1470. From Gucci.


Meditation Cushion by District Vision + MR PORTER

Regular meditation has been shown to improve everything from decreasing stress and anxiety levels, improve mental focus and even help regulate our fight or flight responses. But ensuring we actually do it regularly, that’s the hurdle. MR PORTER has been directly addressing men’s mental health with their Health In Mind campaign. Their collaboration with District Vision takes it to an aesthetic level with a meditation cushion that will help you stay comfortable and encourage you to keep up your daily mindfulness. Also, 100% of the profits made from each sale go straight to MR PORTER’s Health In Mind Fund powered bty Movember. Price: $245. From MR PORTER.


Theragun Pro

This game changing toy has made recovery much more fun. The Therabody Theragun Pro offers deep muscle massage for post-workout relief or even help with some pre-workout blood flow. Target specific areas and recovery needs with an array of nozzle attachments. Honestly, the best investment for anyone who sometimes forgets to stretch or can’t make time to see the physio as often as they should. Price: $899. From Rebel.

Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Basketball

A collaboration between the NBA and French maison Louis Vuitton, this might feel more like a display piece than functioning basketball. But the truth is you’re meant to use it – you just may not want to. Featuring the iconic LV monogram, there’s definitely an appeal to having this pride of place but also the bragging rights of shooting backyard hoops with your very own Vuitton basketball. Literally the definition of baller Christmas gift. Price: $2990. From Louis Vuitton.

WOD Life.

WOD Life Micro-knitted resistance bands

Weights are great but conditioning is key to developing better form and less injuries. The WOD Life is a personal favourite for their colourful range of resistance bands, especially the micro-knit line. More comfortable and longer lasting than rubber and gentler on the skin, they’re great for warm ups and targeted activation drills. Price: $74.90. From The WOD Life.

Beats by Dr Dre.

Beats Fit Pro Earbuds

Wired named Dr Dre’s foray into sport-tech some of the best earbuds on the market, whether for keeping time in the gym or simply walking to the train station. Comfort, clarity of sound and resilience in the sweatiest of environments, there’s no downside to these slick accessories. Price: $199.99. From Apple.


Odysee Eau Unisex Full Nutical Drysuit

Hermès heads into the ocean with a unisex wetsuit (drysuit) made from recycled polyester. The lining is a French terry jacquard in cashmere (51% cashmere) and vicose. Basically you couldn’t be more comfortable if you tried. Price: $4150. From Hermès.


Lululemon Inner Flow Printed Yoga Block

Invest in your inner health and outer health at the same time with a piece of yoga equipment that looks like a sculpture. Lululemon’s genteel aesthetic adds a distinct touch to fitness accessories normally known for function over form. Price: $46. From MR PORTER.


Nike Metcon 7 X

Whether it’s lightweight cushioning for HIIT and cardio or stability for strength training, Nike’s Metcon 7 X remains one of the most versatile shoes for everyday training. Flash colours also help. A nice little feature is the tab lock for your laces – for anyone familiar with the frustration of shoes coming untied mid-double under. Price: $190. From Nike.

Ermenegildo Zegna.

Z Zegna TechMerino Wool Zip

Superfine Merino wool is the superhero of active fibres. Natural, sustainable, ideal for sensitive skin and contains anti-bacterial properties to prevent odours it’s almost as if it was made for activewear. Zegna’s TechMerino takes its capabilities even further to better regulate heat and even better breathability. Price: $1835. From Ermenegildo Zegna.