The television show that everyone was talking about in 2022 (and still is in my circles) Carmy, Sydney, Richie and the rest of the crew from The Bear are coming back to our screens.

Can I get a YES CHEF.

In final episode of season one, Carmy (played by Jeremy Allen White who nabbed both a Golden Globe and SAG Award for his work ) and the crew had made amends, albeit not entirely healed, from their recent spats. And in the process of discovering the family recipe for spaghetti sauce left to him by his later brother Michael, Carmy discovers the missing money that had been stashed away. Enough money to not only save the shop, but to also help let go of the past. And thus The Beef becomes The Bear…

The Bear

While The Bear season two trailer gives little away other than the return of the entire first season cast including one pensive looking Richie, it does elude to the potential opening of Carmy’s own take on his brother’s legacy.

The chaotic, and undeniably toxic in many ways, kitchen of a fictitious Chicago sandwich shop The Beef had viewers glued to their seats throughout last year. Perhaps its because, at one point or another during school or between jobs, we’ve all experienced the close proximity intensity of working in the service industry.

But it’s also the way The Bear dealt with grief. Especially grief in the face of a loved one taking their own life. Loss and anger are a powerful cocktail and the show never attempts to paint its character as flawless underdogs or noble heroes in the face of it.

They all lean each other as much as they grate on each other. Which is perhaps one of the truest depiction of family whether it be our chosen family or blood related.

The Bear will begin streaming on Disney+ this June.