American Congress is a slow-moving and boring institution to observe in real time. Much the same as watching paint dry, it has a sub-30% approval rating so when Mark Zuckerberg took to the stand with some micro-bangs this week, it was a lot of unusual fun.

Zuckerberg stood before the House of Financial Services Committee – a hearing which took six hours – and fielded questions from the likes of Democratic members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Maxine Waters concerning Facebook’s role in running political ads. Zuckerberg’s inability to answer the questions – and his admission that Facebook would not fact-check any political ads that may, for example, print the wrong voting date and be targeted to black communities – made his tiny fringe look even sillier.

Let’s be real for a second. The fringe itself – cut so bluntly as a bowl cut but situated so severely high atop of his head – really doesn’t do his forehead height any favours. Speaking on how Facebook’s new proposed cryptocurrency, Libra, could influence politics, it was hard to take anything the man-and-his-mini-fringe were saying seriously, let alone absorb it. It’s just… it’s just…so… it’s just tiny.

Viewers found it so distracting as well with several asking if his mother cut it. Take a look at the best Twitter reactions.

Oh, and here it is in action where you can get a full visual of the front back and sides: