Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg

Looks like Mark Zuckerberg is ready to take up Elon Musk on his challenge to meet him in the ring, telling Musk “he’s ready”. They’ve even named a venue: The Vegas Octagon, an Ultimate Fighting Championship arena but a date has yet to be confirmed.

In case you missed it, back in June Musk threw out the bizarre challenge for a cage fight against tech frenemy Zuckerberg. Allegedly, Musk did this after catching wind that Meta slash Instagram was creating a platform that would challenge the one formally known as Twitter. This, as we would soon discover, was Threads and honestly we wonder if Musk still thinks all this fuss he made was worth it…

But Zuckerberg’s now ready. And it looks like he’s seriously ready too. The controversial tech leader has been spending the past few months undergoing a Rocky-like physical transformation. The 39-year-old Harvard drop out has been hitting the mat training in various forms of combat, including Brazilian jiu jitsu and boxing, gaining two medals from bouts in the former.

In comparison, Musk has been busy failing to get appropriate approval for building renovations, transforming Twitter into a right wing conspiracy theory nexus, rebranding Twitter into X and also apparently now offering to pay the legal bills of people whose brand of bigotry had very expected and unsurprising consequences in the real world.

The most ridiculous thing is that people will watch this. Like, a lot of people. And this is what these two egomaniacs are counting on because any attention is good attention. This isn’t about publicity or trying to win over the “people”. It’s two obscenely wealthy idiots who would rather have a circle jerk than see a therapist or actually use their wealth in a way that actually advances humanity forward.

Image: Threads

The reality of this sad grudge match actually happening is pretty shady. It all feels like a major smokescreen for the reality that the platforms these two men currently helm are flailing with advertisers leaving in droves, active users falling by the wayside, complaints about harassment and misinformation rise and all the while bots and fraudulent accounts overtake both.