Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more absurd, Caviar decides to release a $210,000 iPhone 14 with an encrusted Rolex Daytona on the back. Don’t believe us? Look below.

This limited-edition iPhone 14 is the work of Caviar – the luxury brand renowned for its extravagant accessory designs that are most often flexed with some sort of bling. In this case, it’s the highly unattainable Rolex Cosmograph Daytona.

The new bespoke iPhone 14 is presented under Caviar’s “Grand Complications” capsule, available in two new designs: “Daytona” and “Skeleton Booster” options. Priced at a very reasonable $134,250 USD, each phone quite literally features a mechanical chronograph complication on the phone’s body. Yes, that’s correct, a watch has literally been built on the iPhone 14. -built.

Available in “Daytona” and “Skeleton Booster” options, it would take an outlandish soul to don either of the bespoke iPhone designs, both of which tie back to motorsport and horology.

The Daytona design draws inspiration from the aesthetic of racing cars of the 1930s; think decorative gold speedometers and switches, which would be found on the dashboard of a supercar, all accentuated by the iconic Rolex Daytona. The Skeleton Booster design, on the other hand, is marked by black reinforced grilles and the cool glow of titanium bolts.

The “Grand Complications” Skeleton Booster iPhone 14 Pro 128Gb is priced at $10,320 USD and the Daytona iPhone 14 Pro Max 1Tb will be available as a single edition for $134,250 USD.