A new year, a new story of modern menswear to watch unfold courtesy of Italian house Zegna with their Fall Winter 2023 show taking place on Monday 16th January 3pm CET (Tuesday 17th January 1am AEDT).

Last year, Zegna artistic director Alessandro Sartori began to look inwards at the brand’s origins, both philosophically and literally. Literally, with the show taking place 120 kilometres out of Milan to the town of Trivero, the location of the Zegna family home and the mill.

And philosophically in the sense of tasking himself with creating a more circular model for Zegna, which has since its early days been conscious of the footprint leaves on the environment. Precious natural fibres of wool and cashmere have been the bedrock upon which Zegna has built their name and Sartori has made them emblematic of the brand’s continually sustainable approach to fashion. In particular cashmere.

According to the Zegna house manifesto, Oasi Cashmere is a primary development to Zegna’s Road to Traceability, a commitment to 100 percent of the house’s cashmere fibres used in their collections will become certified traceable by 2024. Sartori’s blueprint for modular, integrated style – where leisure, luxury and formality are one and the same – is the perfect starting point to explore cashmere’s materiality and a more wholistic approach to fashion as an industry.

Watch the Zegna Fall Winter 2023 show live on Monday 16th January 3pm CET (Tuesday 17th January 1am AEDT).