Zegna AW Outdoor Collection. Image: Zegna

Italian brand Zegna wants us to spend more time outdoors. The catch? None, unless you think a new Autumn Winter 2022 capsule outdoor collection, collaborating with key performance and sporting brands like Garmin, La Sportiva, Sigg and Kask a catch.

The AW ’22 Outdoor Collection marks the second such release from Zegna and one of the most interesting developments from a brand that is continually reinventing the wheel so to speak. Artistic director, and recent Menswear Designer of the Year recipient, Alessandro Sartori has dedicated his tenure at the brand to changing the definition of tailoring. Under the hand of Sartori, performance wear is as much an act of style and comfort as a merino knit sweater because, that too is performance wear once you understand Merino’s capabilities.

Techmerino ski pants, for example, are made with 100 per cent merino wool outer layer. The fibre’s natural breathability, elasticity and self-cleaning properties make it a natural fabric for the exertions of snow sports. While a silk-down filled blouson in the shade of vicuna becomes a soft, yet resilient, outer layer that will be both warm and durable during extreme movements.

The second Outdoor Collection takes that vision and turns it towards the performance accessories designed to make the sport of skiing even more luxurious.

The brands that Zegna has chosen to work with for this year’s Outdoor Collection speak to our search for adventure. The Garmin Venu 2 Smartwatch is given coded detail: the Zegna 232 Road branding in their signature shade of the vicuna fibre. Ergonomic ski poles created in partnership with TSL that can be folded for convenience.

Hit the mountains in style. Image: Zegna

A pair of Hyperflex Original 2 snowshoes that have been engineered for extreme comfort while walking that also come with superior grip and shock absorbance to minimise knee and ankle injury.

Perhaps most exciting is the ski helmet which Zegna chose to collaborate on with fellow Italian brand KASK. The Piuma ski helmet features an anti-fog, double lens visor and comes in a matte black finish with Zegna 232 Road markings, making it a sleek addition to your snow gear.