Have you heard? There’s a new TikTok trend on the block and you might have seen it in the form of the ‘🅿️’ emoji. You know, the parking-sign symbol? Well, that ‘P’ actually stands for ‘Pushin P’, and it’s taking social media platforms by storm.

So what exactly does Pushin P mean?

Pushin P can be attributed to Atlanta rapper Gunna, who coined the phrase on his album DS4EVER (which debuted at number one in the world, taking over the reins from The Weeknd).

The phrase itself has a meaning of its own, however. According to the rapper, the letter ‘P’ stands for ‘player’, which he discussed during an episode of the Breakfast Club.

“If you wake up to a beach view, that’s P. If you spent thousands on a Rolex watch, that’s P. If you do something bad or stupid, though, that’s not P.”

Gunna explained further via Twiter that Pushin P can mean a host of things, like “Risking your life to feed your family is P” or ” “Being Loyal is P.”

Essentially, Pushin P is a way of ‘keeping it real’ and is generally used to express positivity.


*Note – While Pushin P is intended for positive use, perhaps P can stand for ‘problematic’, as Gunna’s fourth Tweet down in the image above is not ok…

The Pushin P phenomenon has gained so much traction online – it’s literally across everyone’s For You Page –  that it has generated a slew of notable memes and trends, including celebrity input, via TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and beyond. The #pushinP hashtag alone has amassed millions of views, with Gunna even replying to people’s TikToks to grade how accurately they use the term.


I mean, you know it must be a cultural trend when Kim Kardashian weighs in on the topic, right?

But we implore you: keep your ‘P’s to a minimum. That last thing you want to appear as is an out-of-touch boomer who takes the trend way too literally. Nike, we’re looking at you…