A random memory shared by Sandra Bullock confirmed that Keanu Reeves is the ultimate Good Guy but her Speed co-star is also a style icon we should be emulating just as much.

This week, Reeves’ co-star and longtime friend Sandra Bullock shared a memory about the time the 57-year-old turned up to her house bearing gifts of champagne and truffles after she confessed she had never tried them.

Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock
Friends who drive buses really fast together, stay together. Image: Getty.

A simple act of generosity between friends but one that once again highlights Reeves’ inherent thoughtfulness, something that has been spoken about throughout his entire career.

In recent years, Reeves’ status as everyone’s dream blunt rotation attendee has only got stronger.

Like a fine wine, the Canadian actor (who was born in Beirut, Lebanon – a fact I did not know until I was today years old) has only improved with age.  

One thing that Reeves has managed to get right from the very beginnings of his career was a sense of style that worked for him.

Unlike, say, Brad Pitt whose mercurial style it has been noted often reflects his partner at the time, The Matrix star understood early on what he likes and what works for him.

He’s had the assistance of the brilliant Jeanne Yang, his personal stylist for more than 20 years, to help him put his best foot forward on formal occasions but it’s his street style that really stands out, marking Reeves as one of the best-dressed men in Hollywood.

But to be honest, best isn’t the right word. It brings to mind images of designer pieces, artifice and red carpet awards.

The right word is cool – Reeves has mastered the perfectly cool wardrobe that most men attempt to emulate and yet somehow make it look forced. It explains why Saint Laurent sought to partner with him for their Winter 2019 campaign.

It probably comes down to the fact that he keeps it simple. And keeps it real with a silhouette and selection of key garments: a tailored blazer, trousers and then a plain black shirt. Or straight jeans, well-worn boots or hiking shoes, a leather jacket.

A mix of high-low that keeps it casual yet elevated. It’s smart casual done right, veering towards the casual side.

Of course, seeing is believing so the team at ICON have picked out our favourite moments in the Keanu Reeves Style Archives, spanning right back to his Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure days.

Keanu Reeves
Red carpet ready at the Oscars. Image: Getty

The man can red carpet just as easily as he knows how to sit in a park and eat a sombre sandwich.

Keanu Reeves
Marc Piasecki/Getty.

Velvet suit and a pair of brown suede mid-boots – not even a washed out red carpet can dull the edge of this ensemble.

You’ll soon discover that this style of boot is a personal style favourite for the actor. We stan a man who puts quality and comfort at the top of his sartorial list of needs.

Image: Getty

Black suit, black t-shirt – how to travel to the other side of the world (Narita, to be exact) and hit the ground running.

Keanu Reeves
Image: Getty

A three-piece suit and no tie? Keanu saw the revolution coming.

Keanu Reeves
Image: Getty

The easiest style trick – tone on tone. The suit, the waistcoat, down the shirt all add layers to what would be a simple monochromatic look.

Image: Getty

Same trick, different tones.

Keanu Reeves
Image: Getty

Keanu is to ’90s menswear style what Winona Ryder was for women. That’s the rules and I’d wear that jacket today.

Image: Getty.

Nothing flash, but a flawless good-to-go approach to everyday menswear.

Keanu Reeves
Image: Getty

The combination of black suit – never tight, always relaxed yet elegant – with a black t-shirt is the signature look for Reeves from the beginning of his career in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Timeless, flawless, and one that has served the actor well.