Hailing from Down Under, an innate sense of FOMO often looms during this time of year as Coachella and a long line of American music festivals kick off for the season. Sure, nothing is stopping us from attending one of the greatest music events in the world but having to take out a sizeable loan or selling a kidney is a drawback. Nevertheless thanks to YouTube, we may not have to worry about that after all.

In its ninth consecutive year, YouTube will join Coachella as its live-streaming partner but for the first time, the offering will also be extended to the second weekend. According to the platform, YouTube has lined up 56 performances to share with worldwide fans of the event including sets from Billie Eilish, Blood Orange, Childish Gambino, Mac DeMarco, Pusha T, the 1975, Weezer, Wiz Khalifa and YG. It is also said that Kanye West’s hyped Sunday Service on April 21 will also be aired and behind-the-scenes clips from the event will also be uploaded to the platform.

Additionally and to the excitement of fans, Pitchfork has reported that Childish Gambino and Rihanna’s new film Guava Island will make up part of the live-streaming offering for 2019. Back in August of last year, images emerged on the internet of the two co-stars as they shot their new film in Cuba. Months later, the first trailer was leaked during Glover’s three-night Pharos festival in New Zealand, and while the storyline remains unclear other than leaked information, not much else is known on the project.

For those who unfortunately will not be able to attend the three-day festival – we’re with you there – we can at least have a glimpse of the action. And you know we’ll be shaking glitter all over the place as we dance along, during the commute to the office.

Cover Image: Instagram @coachella