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By this point, I can almost guarantee that you’re temptation to have a Britney Spears moment is unbearable. That is of course, if you already haven’t taken a number 1 to your entire head. Small luxuries like a barber or hair salon are sorely missed as once-trimmed hair passes for unruly curls that only Timothée Chalamet or Harry Styles can pull off. But before you hack at your hair with a pair of blunt kitchen scissors – no judgment here, just a little advice – hear us out. Or more specifically, our good friend and hair stylist, Anthony Nader.

Pulled from our stylish sister-publication GRAZIA, Anthony Nader of RAW Salon has laid down the law on DIY hair cuts. Proceed with caution and perhaps a brave assistant.

Anthony Nader: 

“In my perfect world, a men’s haircut would be a Harry Styles-esque dishevelled British coif. Or international poster model Parker Van Noord’s choppy textured bed head. Even hippy Jared Leto’s Gucci mane is a dream. If you happen to be any of these three cool guys – or similar – you won’t need to be too precise with cutting technique.

But for everyone else, the easiest way to even out weight and length distribution is a technical thing I call twisting and slicing.”

Take approx. one-inch sections of dry hair (never wet) starting around the hairline and twist each. Then point and snip the tips of your scissors into the twisted sections before you unravel to see how it’s sitting.

Use this sectioning and trimming method all around the head with a focus on the problem (longest, thickest) area. I love this technique because it leaves a soft edge compared to cutting a blunt horizontal line (this will give you chop marks if you’re not careful).

If you have shorter hair (traditional short back and sides) your isolation haircut might get a little tricky. I mean do you really want to get a pair of clippers with a number three attachment on and zoom up your noggin? Good luck with that… and by all means send me your CV as I might just have a job for you in my hair salon when this is over.

In all seriousness though, if you feel like you do want to clipper the sides and back just attach a much larger attachment on your clipper first and ease into it, dusting off the edges only.

As for the top, if you want to take the length a little shorter, this is a temporary fix:

On damp hair, take half sections of hair from the face to the crown area from the centre of your brows to the outer edges. Hold the section between your index and middle fingers and point cut the ends. Never cut a horizontal line, and remember you can always cut more off later. Give your hair a dry off and now you’re ready for tomorrow’s Zoom conference.

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