Credit: Instagram @asaprockymusic

A$AP Rocky has had a banger year and after his cult collaboration with Under Armour and releasing “TE$TING” earlier this year, the Harlem rapper is celebrating the last weeks of 2018 with a disco-infused track. Now streaming on major services and on Youtube, Rocky dropped “Sundress”, the highly-anticipated follow up to his latest album.

Coming six months after “TE$TING”, the new solo track is built around sampling from Tame Impala, featuring an instrumental loop and mix-up of the vocal melody from the Australian band’s Innerspeaker album cut, “Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?”. Produced by Danger Mouse, it is a disco-meets-hip-hop mash up, that is expected to be the tune of Australia’s Summer.

In fact, the track was leaked several weeks ago, and then saw a live performance by Rocky at Odd Future’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival festival earlier this month. Accompanying the song is a new music video which taps the “mannequin challenge” and explores nightclub violence with a surprise twist.

Watch the video below and add the new track to your daily playlist.