Whenever Adam Driver makes the news, whether it’s riding a horse in a new luxury perfume ad or starring in the latest Hollywood blockbuster, the internet reacts by going into a complete meltdown. It’s the #AdamDriveEffect.

Case in point: the trailer for his new futuristic sci-fi, 65, in which Driver stars as a brooding astronaut who crash lands on a mysterious planet only to find he has to keep a young girl safe whilst battling futuristic dinosaurs (confusing, we know), has had Driver #stans frantically take to socials to say things like, “Adam Driver with blasters is my new sexuality” or “Adam Driver is entering his DILF era.”

The standom is real.

So, what’s the deal with 65? Well, from what we can take away from the trailer below, the film starts off as your typical sci-fi movie: Commander Mills (Driver) is at the helm of an exploratory mission carrying passengers when his spaceship is struck by a rogue asteroid, sending the entire fleet crashing on an unknown planet that we soon discover resembles earth; it’s habitable. Mills isn’t the only survivor of the crash, however. There lives a child, which he must now protect from what lies ahead…

The trailer goes on to show Mills navigating the strange world as he works on a plan to get off the planet, but then trouble shows up, as expected. And in 65, it’s in the way of dinosaurs. It then makes sense as to why this film is titled 65: a clever reference to 65 million years in the past, dinosaurs roamed pre-historic earth… which is what, we think, Mills has stumbled across.

Now, this film could go one of two ways: it could be an absolute box office hit, or it could be a forgettable mess. We haven’t yet decided how we feel about it, but the fact that the film reportedly has a 20% score on Rotten Tomatoes may indicate the latter…

It is reassuring that the film is being produced by Sam Raimi (Spider-Man 1 2 & 3), and has Scott Beck and Bryan Woods on board as the writers and directors, who you’ll surely know from A Quiet Place. Danny Elfman (Batman; Beetlejuice; Spider-Man) also composed the score.

What we can happily confirm, however, is that Adam Driver battling dinosaurs with blaster guns and sporting some new facial hair is definitely a reason to go and see this film.

65 the movie will hit cinemas globally on March 10, 2023.