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Set amongst the magical world of Atlantis, the debut of ‘Aquaman‘ was a mere cameo in a larger 1941 edition of More Fun Comics, but fast-forward 77 years later and the film adaption of the origin story is breaking records. First hitting Australian cinemas on Boxing Day, its brief two weeks featured on the big-screen is now the highest-grossing film for DC Extended Universe.

Despite many reviews believing the film was less than impressive – with a rating of 64 percent on Rotten Tomatoes – the box-office begs to differ, with the film bringing in $887 million USD. The film passed the franchise’s top film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which brought in $863 million USD, making it not only the number one film for the company but also, the number one film in cinemas currently.

Taking to Instagram, Aquaman star Jason Momoa thanked supporters for making the film a success.

In recent years, DC has received criticism with falling box-office numbers, particularly with the likes of Suicide Squad. Is this the success that DC needs to compete with Marvel? Only time will tell…

In the meantime, check out Aquaman, now in theatres.