Front And Centre With Jordan Firstman

“For some I’m not subversive, but ask heterosexuals with two kids and a dog.”

Time Trawler

On shore the fisherman rubs a fist over his watch. Its dial is radiant and its hands eclipse the twelve. A morning complete. As his feet land onto the wet sand he smiles. Time well spent, he thinks, but now, it’s time to go

Antonym Anatomy

[an-tuh-nim / uh-nat-uh-mee]. Noun. A body that finds itself both in opposition and agreement. One that follows the light but prefers the shade. That can be draped in quiet wools or covered in macro graphics. It can rise early in windcheaters or emerge late double-breasted. An enigma that sways with the wind, moves with the tide and changes with the moon

Full Effect

As the urban burner flares to full flame Fendi’s leisure luxury toasts the new season. Kim Jones’ Autumn/Winter 2023 collection rises with roaring tactility. From doughy cashmeres, to supple leathers and delicious fine wools he delicately binds to create the perfect form. Tailored cuts, fluid lines and exaggerated proportions, his mode makes for one to be ripped open and devoured. In detail, the Baguette renders itself impossibly timeless, both in classic and literal forms, slung this time with a rustic realness for the utility of a casual generation. A season of wearables roasted, risen and ready, but still, butter wouldn’t melt

Jump Shot

Ricochet: a shot that bounces off another surface. Colour is the result of ricocheting light. He finds inspiration through the rebounding of fashion with his surroundings, bouncing between both inner and outer landscapes

Between Wind And Waves

Interstitial space, that subtle realm between skin and fabric, holds a profound metaphorical significance. Clothing, more than a mere shield against the elements, serves as a transformative threshold – a doorway between our inner selves and the outer world. It conceals vulnerabilities, reveals identities, and bridges the gap between the intimate and the public. In its embrace, we navigate the subtle interplay between concealment and revelation, existing simultaneously in both worlds, straddling the line between our inner truths and outward personas

Budjerah: Inner Light

Dressed in the new Wear Your Shine collection by Coach, Coodjingburra man Budjerah sheds a light on what inspires him and drives his passion for creating music

Indigenous Artist Budjerah Shines A Light On The Inspiration Behind The Music

He’s only 21, but singer songwriter Budjerah has already earned his place in the spotlight. A decorated artist (this year nominated for another five ARIA awards) the proud Coodjinburra man has a hit single in Therapy, has just supported Ed Sheeran on tour and is now finding a firm place as a rising global star. However, today on our exclusive shoot for ICON while sporting threads from Coach’s new confidence-affirming Wear Your Shine collection, we realise he’s only just getting started

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