Credit: Youtube

Welcome to your next internet TV fix of stranger things – actual things, not the show. In this next episode Arnold Schwarzenegger teams up with comedian and late night TV host Jay Leno in CNBC’s “Make It” show. The pair go for a joy ride in Arnold’s very own tank, crushing a limo on the way.

Unsurprisingly, the authentic army tank is Arnold’s own. When Schwarzenegger was conscripted to the Austrian Army in 1960, he learnt to drive the M47 Patton main battle tank developed for the US army by Korea. The M47 featured a 90-millimetre main gun, weighed 50 tons, and was powered by a Continental AVDS 1790-5B V-12 engine developing 800 horsepower.

The tank only served in the US army for a short time before it was replaced, leaving it to Austria. When the 331, M47 was retired some years later, Arnold bought the tank, and put it on display in the Motts Military Museum in Ohio. He asked for the tank back in 2008, where it is now used to reward school children with rides, if they stay in school.

Watch below, for the moment a limo is completely annihilated as it is driven over with ease in the M47.