Prepare to rediscover the joy of reading – or perhaps Monopoly – as many of your favourite television shows go silent as writers continue to strike in US.

In case you’ve not been across it, the Writers Guild of America has shut down work as they continue to fight to be appropriately compensated for their work. To strip it right back to the most simplest argument – streaming has changed the way we consume television. When a show appears on both standard commercial television and a streaming service, writers are being paid less for the latter. Whether or not the show is successful, writers for streaming shows are paid a flat rate. Commercial, or broadcast, uses a reward model that means if a show succeeds, writers are paid residuals.

Because success isn’t factored into streaming – which, let’s be honest, is fast becoming the PRIMARY method of watching most shows – residuals are not being paid and writers not getting the wages they have earned and deserve. On top of that, there’s been continued efforts from studios to cut costs by dropping shows entirely or demanding shorter seasons.

If you think writers are demanding too much or think too highly of themselves consider this – without writers, all that’s left is reality television. Endless hours of Kardashians, rich drunk housewives, dating shows and the rise and rise and rise of the mediocre D List celebrity destined to have their racist, sexist, cooker past splashed across the pages of a tabloid.

If you think we’re being overdramatic, here’s a shortlist of some of the shows that have been effected by the strike and going radio silent until it’s resolved.

  • House Of The Dragon
  • Yellowjackets
  • Abbot Elementary
  • Saturday Night Live
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • The Late Show
  • Good Omens Season 2
  • Cobra Kai

This is just the beginning so prepare for a pretty quiet few months ahead if the studios continue to refuse to come to the table.