In an unlikely pairing, rapper and music producer A$AP Rocky, alongside artist and activist Ai Weiwei have come together in an interview with Sotheby’s to speak on their own experience, with the main question in play, “What does it mean to be fearless?”

What initially looks like two people with creative differences, the interview brought the pair to a position of similarities in their values when it comes to creating art. From speaking on themes such as fearlessness, originality and inspiration, the episode delves into the creative process for each.

A$AP Rocky gives us an insight to his latest project. “My Testing project is connected to the way I see life,” says Rocky. “With my new music, I challenged myself to take different approaches and try different aesthetics. I’ve always experimented, but now I think it’s more important than ever.”

As for Ai Weiwei, the artist/activist has drawn attention to the refugee crisis in his latest work – a film entitled, Human Flow. He has also complied a book which is curated with quotes touching on topics such as power, freedom, displacement culled from Ai’s lectures and writings. “Art needs to be original, if there is no such quality, you cannot even call it art.”

Watch the episode below.