American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat had a short career, and after going from being homeless, the man known for his graffiti, gained nation-wide recognition in a short number of years. After rising to fame – selling paintings for up to $25,000 a pop – Basquiat died at age 28 from a heroine overdose.

In his short life, the neo-expressionist produced around 1500 drawings, 600 paintings and a mix of multi-media works. Now, his Estate has released an 18-colour screen print titled “Boxer Rebellion,” set to go on sale from Wednesday, September 26.

Like much of his work, Basquiat explored the concept of class and struggles of black athletes which has been depicted in this 1982 work. Featuring two cartoon boxers, the work is said to delve into references of the Chinese Boxer Rebellion, and related texts.

Facilitated by art publisher, Pace Prints, the edition of 60 prints will be available for bidding from this Wednesday. You will need to bid via email, and will be selected at random for a chance to purchase.

For more information on the sale, check out the above Instagram post, or visit the Pace Prints website.

Cover Image: Instagram @paceprints