I Love Every Part Of Me… by Vincent Tolefe:

Music and scent are inextricably linked. Both act like timekeepers, turning moments into memories. One song (or one scent) can function as a soundtrack to your life, suspending people and places and feelings somewhere inside your head. For model Vincent Tolefe, music is also a means of self-expression. Having founded his own record label, YOURANGLE Records, in his early 20s, he values not only his own artistic freedom but also that of others. His creativity is fuelled by the creativity around him.

At such a young age, it’s a wonder Tolefe is so self-assured, but shooting with ICON and Calvin Klein, he shares there’s a lot happening beneath the surface. Calvin Klein’s latest fragrance, CK Everyone, is the scent on-set (now say that three times quickly). It’s a fresh, clean redolence but more importantly speaks to Tolefe’s values: individuality and the freedom to self-express. Here, Tolefe talks through his own intricacies and nuances, a glimpse into every part of who he is.

Today I woke up thinking about… how grateful I am for the people and opportunities that I have in my life. I feel most myself… when I’m surrounded by my family and close friends; I like a small group of people around me that I know have my back. But my close friends will tell you… I’m always up for a laugh. My personality is equal parts… introverted and extroverted. The place I call home is… Perth in Western Australia, but I also feel at home in England because I spent a massive part of my youth there. When I need space I’m… boxing, going for a run along the West Coast or having a kick-about with mates. My creativity comes from… everything I’ve seen in life, the people I meet, researching and experimenting with music. Music makes me feel… a variety of things. Music changes my mood and gives me extra motivation in certain situations. I have ambitions to… fulfill my creative vision with Your Angle Records and produce unique sounds.

Individuality means… sharing the individual gift you’ve been granted. One thing about me that surprises people is… that French is my first language. I know I am in love when… I can’t picture life without that person. Not many people know that… I was originally born in Marseille, France, but grew up in Manchester, England. My father’s side of the family is originally from Nigeria. I am passionate about… Football. My dad is a Manchester United supporter, so I grew up watching the games with him. I express myself by… wearing clothing that are aesthetically clean. I’m generally wearing monochrome fits. My favourite place in the world is… London. The culture and the vibe there, it’s definitely my type of place. Freedom is… being able to express yourself in a respectful manner, waking up being able to do what you love. I hope humanity can learn to… come together. I manifest good energy by… sticking to the strong morals instilled in me by my family. The song that makes me want to dance is… Gangsta by Darkoo ft. One Acen. I’ll never stop fighting for… the wellbeing and success of the people closet to me especially my artists under my label. Everyone should try… pushing themselves to achieve their goals. You get what you work for. My favourite smell is… My dad’s red sauce and jollof rice cooking. It’s a traditional Nigerian dish and you know you’ll be having third helpings when he’s in the kitchen. CK Everyone makes me feel… like I’m ready for the day. It’s a clean and fresh scent.

Beauty Note: Vincent wears CK Everyone Eau de Toilette: a clean, gender-neutral fragrance with notes of orange, blue tea and cedarwood. Housed in recyclable glass vessel, CK Everyone is available from David Jones and Myer stores nationwide.

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Photographer: Tim Ashton. Art Director: Dané Stojanovic. Fashion Direction: Kim Payne. Hair & Makeup: Georgia Hull. Interview and words: Emily Algar