With experience in the fields of interior design, product and display design and art advisory, the GB Space studio has recently completed PH + COFFEE, in partnership with major international electronics brand, PHILIPS.

Located in the heart of Beijing’s financial district, the new venue goes beyond the traditional definition of a meeting place in which one meets. In fact, it is the debut of a transversal concept, presenting itself as the first coffee shop for smart coffee consumption in China. Driven by the desire to reread some elements of Italian tradition in a contemporary perspective, the designers defined the character of PH + COFFEE starting from the use of finishing materials and shapes taken from Italian and European architecture.

Among these, polished white ceramic squares connected by wooden inlays and internal arched wings, sometimes returned with specific lighting techniques. Under the lettering “Be a Barista”, the  PH + COFFEE offers a counter equipped with an automatic coffee machine in which to experiment the preparation of the drink.

Also present an interactive exhibition area – in the centre of the room – and tables and chairs aligned with the prevailing colour palette. Sharp lines and firm volumes characterise the sofa area, a micro private environment in which to allow longer stops.