Black, dark, milk – chocolate is popular and it is one of the great boasts of confectionery in Italy. Turin is  one of the capitals of Italian chocolate – not only for its history linked to the House of Savoy, but also because some of the most renowned master chocolatiers in Italy gravitate to the city. Among them is Guido Castagna, who for 11 years has dedicated himself with great passion to producing this food of the gods. It is Castagna who created the Natural Method, a meticulous production system that begins with the purchase of cocoa beans from certified cooperatives. The Natural Method unfolds over 12 months, providing time to enhance the natural aromas of chocolate. Selection and roasting precede a maturation phase that itself lasts for six months, allowing the chocolate to develop strong secondary aromas.

But which are the most suitable chocolates for the male palate? Here’s what the master chocolatier from Turin thinks.

Giandujotto: A classic, delicate taste that unites everyone. Based on cocoa beans, hazelnut and sugar, it is a safe choice that is well suited to lovers of good food and beauty – not necessarily sporty, but certainly elegant.

Venezuela: An aromatic, floral chocolate with an aftertaste of white flowers, dried fruit and tobacco leaves. It is suitable for young and dynamic people with a strong personality. Venezuela chocolate has a strong and distinct taste and reflects a sure and well-defined character.

Madagascar: Loved by the most extreme, the most curious, the most enterprising man. It is for those who have a great spirit of adventure and who love freedom – two wheels, new discoveries, change. Madagascar is a 70 percent non-bitter but aromatic chocolate, with some angular veins and an acidity that strongly characterises it.