For some it’s the Super Bowl. For others Easter or Christmas. But for fragrance obsessives, International Fragrance Day (March 21) is basically all the above all rolled into one.

Whether or not you buy into themed days (let’s be honest, it’s an indulgence gateway but at least it’s a fun one) it doesn’t diminish the impact a fragrance, and your sense of smell, has in everyday life.

Smelling good is one of the simplest daily habits we can keep that also has a maximum impact follow through. It’s often the first thing people notice and remember about you. It’s the easiest way to set a mood for the day.

It’s also true that no one wants to smell bad. Sexy? Yes. Intriguing? Of course. Powerful? Absolutely. A combination of the three? One hundred percent.

To celebrate International Fragrance Day – or enable a pre-existing obsession – here’s our selection of fragrances that hit the olfactive Holy Trinity of sexy, intriguing, powerful. Starting with Chanel…

Chanel Les Exclusifs line is to fragrance what couture is to fashion: a series of boundary-pushing creations that highlight the craftsmanship and expertise use of raw materials. Sycamore is the ultimate vetiver experience. Smoky darkness offset by buttery iris with hints of leather and vanilla

International Fragrance Day, fragrance, Chanel

Exclusifs de Chanel Sycamore Extrait. $335. From Chanel

More known for their candles, French maison Trudon has turned their nose from statement-making scents for the home to a line of luxury fragrances. Mortel Noir is a limited edition update on their best-selling Mortel. A balance between darkness and light using rich resinous notes of myrrh, olibanum and benzoin lifted by spicy Madagascan black pepper.

International Fragrance Day, fragrance, Hermès

Mortel Noir by Trudon. $375. From Libertine Parfumerie.

Hermès’ Jardin series is a watercolour approach to fragrance – bright, brilliant yet subtle and often inspired by a dream or fantasy of a physical location (La Lagune, for example, is a garden behind a stone wall in Venice). In-house perfumer Christine Nagel’s latest, à Cythère, heads to the island of Kythira in Greece. Notes of pistachio and olive tree provide a new take on a woody accord underneath a dazzling citrus top.

International Fragrance day, fragrance, Hermès, Chanel, Tom Ford


Un Jardin a Cythere, by Hermès. $215. From Hermès.

Uncut Gem, the latest fragrance from Frederic Malle is described as “diamond hard and absolutely fresh.” It’s also one of the most creative takes on the classic cologne vibe that have hit the market in recent years. Ginger, angelica root and nutmeg add a fiery warmth while mandarin replaces neroli. Vetiver and leather add extra depth to the drydown, ideal for the office and perfect for the night.

International Fragrance Day, Frederic Malle, Chanel, Tom Ford

Uncut Gem by Frederic Malle. $503. From Mecca.

Earlier this year, Amouage launched their Odyssey Collection which included one of the few olfactive landscapes that the Oman-based house had previously not dipped their toe into: citruses. Created by Alexis Grugeon, Search is a cologne done in an Amouage fashion. That is, a celebration of the richness to be found in the vibrant notes of lemon and lime and metallic brightness of mandarin bolstered with the familiar Amouage depth and complexity in the drydown.

International Fragrance Day, Fragrance, Scent, Amouage

Search by Amouage. $499. From David Jones.

Gucci’s Haute Perfumery line, the Alchemist Garden, is a collection of lush fragrances created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas inspired by the creative experimentation of alchemy. If this sounds all too grand – it’s a collection of fragrances that smell sexy, powerful and intriguing. Among the latest is the rose-oud powerhouse A Reason To Love. If the greatest lover in history, Casanova was to wear a fragrance, it would this one.

fragrance, gucci, tom ford, chanel

A Reason To Love by Gucci. $545. From Gucci.

After the success of the rather cheekily named Lost Cherry, Tom Ford has revisited the fragrance to create two flankers: Electric Cherry and Cherry Smoke. Electric is the fresher of the two, but that doesn’t mean lighter or less intense. Rather, as the name suggests, the scent is electric; a livewire of notes. An opening spark of pink pepper and ginger slowly reveal the more intense current of cherry and jasmine beneath.

Tom Ford, International Fragrance Day

Electric Cherry by Tom Ford. $345. From Myer. 

For lovers of fragrant tobacco, Chergui by Serge Lutens is a must-have to your collection. Sweetened by notes of hay and honey, Chergui has a booze-like richness that is softened at the edges by iris, incense and rose.

Fragrance, Serge Lutens, Chanel, Tom Ford, Hermès

Chergui by Serge Lutens. $217. From David Jones.

Fragrance isn’t just about how other people smell you. In fact, it should always be the way it makes you feel. Australian brand Vyrao looks at the smell as a spiritual sense, each creation being something you want to manifest or meditate upon. The latest, succinctly named The Sixth Eau De Parfum, is about mindfulness. Incense and sacred woods such as cypress and cedarwood, invigorating rosemary and the mind-bending wormwood (aka absinthe) make up the olfactive profile to deliver something truly unique and special.

Fragrance, Hermès, Tom Ford, Chanel

The Sixth Eau De Parfum by Vyrao. $314. From Mecca.