If your instagram feeds are looking a little uninspired, take a look at @cmbynmonet. The founder, 22 year-old Mika Labrague, combines historical artwork from impressionist Claude Monet and scenes from the novel and movie ‘Call Me By Your Name’ to create art perfection.

Inspired by similar accounts such as @artlexachung, the young fan places famous scenes from the Oscar-winning film in front of well-known Monet master pieces. Starting the online project in January of this year, the account has quickly reached 64,000 followers and continues to grow.

“This project stemmed from my love for the novel and film. I found everything about it breathtakingly beautiful from the visuals to the story. Me and my friend, Anne Santos, manages the accounts (both Twitter and Instagram). I edit the photos and she helps me with all stuff such as choosing the best photos to pos when to post it and other stuff like that,” told Labrague in an interview with NSS Magazine.

The coming-of-age film is based upon the story of a summer romance between Elio and Oliver in the sun-drenched north Italian countryside which features subtle references to the French impressionist painter Monet.

“It’s like art complements art,” Labrague says. “People are into the fact that high-brow art can be compared to what’s happening in pop culture.”

Claude Monet was a founder of French impressionist painting who spent many of his years in the 19th century travelling the country-side of France creating breathtaking artworks. He is most known for his work on ‘Sunrise’ and his series of ‘Water Lilies’, which was recently auctioned off by the Rockefeller family. Now his iconic artwork is being remembered in the form of digital media.

Labrague has mentioned he doesn’t plan to do this same manipulation with other films/artists, “But I sure will continue this if ever the sequel will come out.”

Cover Image: @cmbynmonet Instagram